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Roblox Coding 4 Kids (ages 9-12)

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Roblox Coding 4 Kids is an all-day computer coding workshop for children aged 9-12 during which they will configure Roblox Studio, design games, and write code to customise the behaviour of in-game characters constructed from Lego-like virtual blocks.

Kids aged 9-12 of all abilities are welcome, from beginners (who have never written a line of code) all the way through to kids who have a few years of coding experience. Children who have attended this workshop in the past can attend again if they enjoyed it the last time: we tailor the coding challenges to build upon topics covered in previous sessions (please indicate previous attendance in booking notes).

This is an all-inclusive workshop, with Spark4Kids providing everything from the software and hardware that the children will use, to lunch and healthy snacks – just drop your child off in the morning, and pick them up at the end of the fun-filled, workshop day.


Using a visual representation of the Lua coding language, this is a practical hands-on coding workshop during which attendees will:

  • learn how to make their frst Roblox game from scratch using drag and drop
  • be taught basic Lua coding concepts and familiarise themselves with coding in the Code Editor
  • understand how to control camera movement in a three dimensional space, as well as move objects across the three dimensions
  • learn how to use core programming concepts such as methods, variables and for loops to create a full Roblox game
  • get to grips with Roblox Studio Tools, enabling them to design and model their Roblox world
  • appreciate what is involved in debugging and refactoring code

At the end of the workshop, the children will be able to show off their coded games and play them with friends and family. All attendees will also be provided with an online account and personal coding environment, where they will be able to continue computer coding in their own time.

The workshop is designed to keep the kids engaged throughout the day. There will be sufficient breaks to ensure that the children spend some time away from the computer and weather permitting, there will also be breaks outdoors.

The focus is on creating a fun and supportive environment in which children learn about various aspects of technology and coding.


Food and Snack Breaks

All children on all-day workshops will be offered lunch. Children may also bring in a packed lunch if they have special dietary requirements. Healthy snacks and refreshments will be available throughout the day.

Children booked on the Extended Day option (not available on all workshops) will be offered breakfast on arrival.

Each workshop day will be punctuated with breaks to ensure that the children take time away from computers/computer coding. Short walks and trips outdoors will be taken, however this will be dependent on the weather.


Sibling Discounts

We offer sibling discounts for parents who are registering more than one child on our workshops. The first sibling pays the full amount for the workshop, and any additional siblings attract a 10% discount off the original fee.


Childcare Vouchers

Spark4Kids accepts childcare vouchers as payment towards our courses from the following providers. To make payment using childcare vouchers, please complete this online form.


To book a place on the Roblox Coding 4 Kids workshop, use the booking form alongside, or call us on 020 8090 1444 if you have any questions.

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