Dev Squad 2018 - Published Games


Congratulations to Dev Squad kids for successfully getting v1.0 of their mobile games certified and published on the Google Play Store! To have gone through the process of envisioning an idea, designing and developing it, and then having it published on a major mobile platform in around 4½ person-months, is a fantastic achievement – notwithstanding their ages!!

You can find out more about Spark4Kids’ Dev Squad here.

Check out the games on the Google Play Store:


Dev Squad – Next Steps

With the release to the Google Play Store now complete, the next steps are the following:

  1. Release of Dev Squad games into the Apple App Store (to be completed by Spark4Kids)
  2. Members of the Dev Squad (August 2018 Term) will be extending the games (e.g., changes as a result of feedback from end-users, and any new levels/features that the attendees would like to incorporate going forward).
  3. Design and development of new games (more to come!)


Once again – congratulations to the Dev Squad!