The Spark4Kids “Dev Squad”

The Spark4Kids Dev Squad is an extension to the “Games Design 4 Kids” course, with a focus on building and releasing mobile games to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The course extension will introduce attendees to the real world process of ideation, games design and development, app store certification, release as well as post-release app management. Members of the Dev Squad will also be attendees on the “Games Design 4 Kids” course (see below for enrolment information).

For now, the number of attendees of the Dev Squad will be limited to around 10 children.


Pre-requisites and Enrolling

To join the Dev Squad, attendees will either have to have attained app development experience on our existing “Games Design 4 Kids” course and then been invited to join the Dev Squad, or be able to present a portfolio of games or applications for review by Spark4Kids before joining (external applicants).

For external applicants looking to join the Dev Squad, the fees for joining are the same as existing Spark4Kids members, however as stated above, a review of potential attendee’s portfolio of apps/games is a pre-requisite for joining, and there is a small Joining Fee for new attendees (as with all new joiners of Spark4Kids).

External applicants should get in touch with the Spark4Kids team using the contact details at the bottom of this web page, in order to initiate the process of a child joining the Dev Squad.

Note that newly registered attendees on the “Games Design 4 Kids” course will be required to build up knowledge of the course before being invited to join the Dev Squad.


Dev Squad Session Times

The Dev Squad squad sessions will run on Saturdays, from 12 noon to 2pm.

For those applicants who cannot make this day/time, we will do our best to accommodate within the normal sessions but note that:

  • A double session booking is still a pre-requisite for Dev Squad participation, and also
  • Attendees may miss out on the ‘buzz’ that comes with working alongside other attendees who are also building games and apps for release


Dev Squad Booking and Fees

The fee for joining the Dev Squad is the same as booking “Games Design 4 Kids” as a double-session each week (i.e., £290 for the first session, and £261 for the second with 10% discount – total £551 per term).

Due to the increase amount of work involved, two hours per session is required in order to cover the material and maintain progress. Note that booking a double session on the “Games Design 4 Kids” course does not gain automatic entry onto the Dev Squad (see “Pre-requisites and Enrolling” above).

With regards to booking for the new Autumn term, parents with children who currently attend “Games Design 4 Kids” should go ahead and reserve a space as per normal – Spark4Kids will get in touch separately with regards to the possibility of joining the Dev Squad.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions about the Dev Squad.