Welcome to Spark4kids’ DofE Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Below you can find answers and further information regarding our DofE Skills Section Courses. If you have any questions which are not answered here please get in touch using the contact details at the bottom of the page.


Q. What courses do you offer?

A. Our DofE courses are designed for DofE participants aged 13-17 years completing their Bronze, Silver and Gold levels over 3-months, 6-months or 12-months. All courses listed below are appropriate for both absolute beginners and experienced attendees, with real-time tutor-led support being provided in a LIVE! online classroom environment.

We offer three courses, in the following subjects:

  • Computer coding – Online Python 4 DofE: learn the highly sought-after life skill of computer coding using Python, one of the most popular coding languages on the planet
  • Games design – Online Unity 4 DofE: learn how to create mobile and desktop games from the ground up using the professional coding language C# and Unity 3D games engine
  • Touch-typing – Online Typing 4 DofE: learn the super-useful life skill of touch-typing on this introductory course to improve typing speed, accuracy and overall confidence

Q. Classes have already started, can my child still join the class or will they have to wait until next term?

A. At Spark4Kids all our DofE courses can be started at any point in the year, as our courses are largely self-led with LIVE! tutors on hand to offer assistance and guidance when necessary.


Q. If my child misses a session, how do they stay on track?
A. We recognise that teenagers have other commitments and can are not immune to illness, so we are flexible regarding their attendance. If they are going to miss a session do inform us and we can work to agree a catch-up session. Often this just means that the attendee will attend one extra session after their original end date.


Q. When are the DofE Classes Scheduled for?
A. Details for our DofE Schedule for both Saturday and Wednesday classes are available here: DofE Skills’ Schedule


Q. My child has not yet registered for DofE / Is not completing their DofE Award / Wishes to continue with the course despite reaching their monthly quota, can they still attend?
A. Our DofE Wednesday evening classes are not restricted to DofE Attendees, so if you are interested in our Term-time courses but cannot attend on Thursdays or Saturdays you are very welcome to join our Wednesday online classes. We also welcome re-bookings of our course by DofE participants, though do contact us first via email before booking.


Q. My child wishes to extend their skills section by 3 months, how do I do this?
A. At Spark4Kids we welcome all attendees who decide to extend their Skill Section with us. Simply contact us by email to receive a discount code which will deduct the difference between our 3-month and 6-month courses, and re-register your child on the 3-month variant of their course.


Q. My child requires an Assessor Report to confirm the completion of their Skills Section, how is this accomplished?
A. In order to receive an Assessor Report we will require your child’s DofE Participant Details. When convenient please complete and submit an online Assessor Report Form. This can be accomplished here: Spark4Kids Participant Information Form
We will then work with their tutor to complete a report reviewing their progress and achievements and will submit this on your child’s behalf to DofE.


Q. I am a DofE Leader/ parent who wishes to register multiple students on the course. How do I best go about this?
A. We also offer group discounts on all of our DofE courses as follows:

  • 2 participants booking together – 8% off
  • 3-5 participants booking as a group – 12% off
  • 6-10 participants booking as a group – 20% off

We offer even bigger discounts if you are a group of 11 or more participants booking together.

To take advantage of group discounts and monthly instalment plans, get in touch (telephone or email) using the contact details at the footer of this page or fill out this form before booking, and we will contact you with information next steps.

Please note that this form is for submitting a group discount request for our DofE courses – to submit a general enquiry about our DofE courses, please visit this page: Duke of Edinburgh Enquiry


Q. I wish to pay in monthly instalments, is this possible?

A. Kindly note that all of our Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold courses offer the option to pay monthly in instalments. Please select this option at checkout before placing your order.