DofE Summer – 2023 Dates

DofE Summer Dates 2023

This Summer Term our DofE classes can be joined at any time, from the week commencing 17th April 2023.

  • Saturday Sessions will run until the 15th July 2023 (inclusive).
  • Wednesday Sessions will run until the 19th July 2023 (inclusive).
  • Thursday Sessions will run until the 20th July 2023 (inclusive).

Please make note of the following dates, when there will be no coding sessions:

  • Wednesday 31st May – Half-term
  • Thursday 1st June – Half-term
  • Saturday 3rd June – Half-term
  • Saturday 1st July – Half-term

Note that the above times are London/UK times – please convert to your local time to ensure the online classes work for you.

Please contact us if you have any questions.