DofE Spring – Dates 2024

DofE Spring Dates 2024

This Spring Term our DofE classes can be joined at any time, from the week commencing 1st January 2024. Attendees who join after this date will attend sessions into our 2024 Summer Term.

  • Our Wednesday Sessions will run until the 27th March 2024 (inclusive).
  • Our Thursday Sessions will run until the 28th March 2024 (inclusive).
  • Our Saturday Sessions will run until the 30th March 2024 (inclusive).

Please make note of the following dates, when there will be no coding sessions:

  • Wednesday 14th February – Half-term
  • Thursday 15th February – Half-term
  • Saturday 17th February – Half-term

All times are UK times – please convert to your local time to ensure the online classes work for you.

Please contact us if you have any questions.