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Online GCSE Computer Science (Years 10 & 11)

£465Per Course

Spark4Kids is offering online computer coding courses for Year 10 and 11 students planning to take GCSE Computer Science exam. These courses provide preparation and revision for the more difficult, skills-based GCSE Computer Science topics, namely computer coding and algorithms.

The aim of these courses is to encourage a deeper understanding of the topics, whilst encouraging programming and algorithms practice with frequent assessments and ongoing personalised feedback.

Course are available for booking each term, and attendees are able to register for those courses where they believe they need the most support. All of the courses are attended online, enabling students to attend from the comfort of their homes – spending more time studying and less time travelling.

The material and topics covered in these courses are exam-board agnostic – they apply to all UK-based, GCSE Computer Science exam boards.


GCSE Computer Science Courses

Each course listed can be attended online on a weekly basis during a school term (see Course Dates section below). Some courses can also be additionally attended during holidays in the online workshop format. All courses are practicals-focused, enabling attendees to build the skills they need to tackle the more difficult computer science topics competently.

Each term, multiple courses are available for booking. For example – a Year 11 student who feels the need to catch up on 4 courses over the academic year, can attend 2 courses in the Autumn term followed by 2 courses in the Spring term (subject to availability).

The following courses are currently available for booking (subject to available spaces):

Pre-registration Assessments

Our courses cover the core topics for algorithms and computer programming for GCSE Computer Science in detail, employing tried-and-tested techniques to maximise learning opportunities and these courses will provide benefit to even the most capable candidates for GCSE Computer Science.

There may be situations where a potential candidate is confident in some topics whilst remaining unclear if they require additional help and support in other topics. In this scenario we offer personalised assessments (also conducted online) in order that we can offer recommendations on courses to fill gaps in knowledge.

There is a fee associated with the assessment however this will be deducted from course fees if you book a course.

To book an assessment, kindly visit the GCSE Pre-registration Assessments page.


Course Dates

The dates for the courses are based around United Kingdom school dates within an academic year, namely Autumn Term, Spring Term and Summer Term. In all cases, the online courses break for holidays around the same time as schools (including half-terms as well as Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays etc.). Note that there are additional opportunities to attend some courses in an online workshop format during school holidays.

Kindly refer to the booking form on this page for term-time and workshop dates for availability.


Attendance and Session Structure

Using our online virtual classroom platform, students on the courses attend computer coding sessions led by experienced, DBS-checked Spark4Kids tutors with 8-10 attendees per class. For term-time bookings, the sessions run once per week on the day and at the time for the selected course. For workshops, sessions run on the dates specified.

If an attendee misses a session, the following options are available:

  1. All online sessions are recorded, so attendees can review the course content in order to complete the exercises and any associated homework.
  2. Subject to availability, the attendee may also be able to attend the same session but with a different class during the week they missed their session (get in touch with us for availability of this option).
  3. 1-to-1 sessions are also available for additional support (see 1-to-1 private tuition for GCSE)


Online Classroom Features

The online classroom incorporates the following features:

  • Live classroom environment with instructing tutor(s)
  • Integrated coding environment with private virtual machines
  • Tutor-led classroom Q & A, moderated by attending tutor(s)
  • All sessions recorded and available for attendee review and also for revision purposes
  • Assignment and homework management


Course Discounts

We offer discounts for multiple bookings (either siblings or multiple course bookings). To book siblings or multiple courses, kindly add your selections to the shopping basket, and they will be discounted as follows:

  • First item in basket is not discounted
  • Second item in basket is discounted at 10%
  • All subsequent items in basket are discounted at 5%

The discounts are automatically applied during the booking process. Additional discounts are available for block bookings (4 or more attendees – get in touch with us for more information).


Further Questions?

View our FAQ’s or get in touch with us (contact information at the bottom of this page) if you have further questions about our GCSE Computer Science courses.

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