In order to ensure that emails sent by Spark4Kids continue to safely appear in your inbox (and not your junk or spam folder), you will need to “whitelist” Spark4Kids’ email address (see below) with your email account provider (email providers include Gmail, iCloud, Hotmail, Outlook, AOL etc.):

Note that each email provider has a different way of “whitelisting” an email address, and so to obtain your specific email providers method, you will need to click on the appropriate tab below and follow the instructions.

Some parents have more than one email address (e.g., have an account with Gmail, and also with Hotmail). If this is you, then we would be grateful if you could repeat the process for any additional email accounts that you have.

AOL Instructions

  1. First, log in to AOL, and in the left panel, click Spam
  2. If you find any emails from Spark4Kids, click the box next to it, and then above your messages, click Not Spam
  3. Next, add the Spark4Kids email addressto your Contacts list to ensure that mail is delivered to your inbox
  4. Find and open any email from Spark4Kids
  5. Click on the sender’s name and email address
  6. Click Add to Address Book in the window that appears
  7. Click Save

Gmail Instructions

  1. Look for, and select Contacts after logging into your Gmail inbox
  2. Select Create Contact from the top menu
  3. Enter the Spark4Kids email addressin the primary email box
  4. Select Save

If you find an email from Spark4Kids in your Gmail Spam folder, you can also mark it Not Spam to whitelist it.

Hotmail Instructions

  1. After logging into Hotmail, go to settings by clicking on the “Gear” cog on your screen
  2. In the Search box, type in “safe”, and one of the results should be “Safe senders and domains” – choose that
  3. Now click “Add”, and enter the email address:
  4. Hit Enter to save the email address
  5. Click “Save” to save your changes and close the Settings page Instructions

  1. Log in to your Outlook mailbox
  2. Select Options from the top right of the screen (next to the question mark)
  3. Select More options > Safe and blocked senders (under Preventing junk email) > Safe senders
  4. In the space provided, enter the address
  5. Note also, that you could either enteror to whitelist our email address
  6. Select Add to list

Ensure the safe mailing lists box has the address you entered, and click OK.

Yahoo Instructions

  1. First, click on the Spam folder
  2. Select any emails from Spark4Kids
  3. Click Not Spam at the top of the page – the email will return to your inbox
  4. Next, go to your Yahoo inbox
  5. Click the address book icon under the Yahoo! Mail logo (when you roll your mouse over it, it will say Contacts)
  6. Click New Contact
  7. Fill in the fields, including the email addressthus making Spark4Kids a Contact in your address book
  8. Click Save