Sunday 11:00 - 11:55

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  • Term-Time 2D Games Design 4 Kids (age 11-14)

    The Games Design 4 Kids course introduces kids to designing and coding 2D video games for computers, mobile devices, and the web. This course is recommended for children aged 11-14 who have extensive experience with block languages (such as Scratch) and want to branch into creating games for web, mobile and desktop using professional-level tools.

  • Term-Time Python 4 Kids (age 11-14)

    The Python 4 Kids course introduces attendees to a powerful, modern programming language that has a gentle learning curve and features usually found enterprise-level languages. It is used widely in many professional applications. This course is recommended for children aged 11-14 who are ready to progress on to text/keyword-based languages after having programmed “block” based languages (such as Scratch).

  • Term-Time Unity 4 Kids (ages 11-14)

    Unity 4 Kids is a game design course for children aged 11-14, during which they will complete a number of video game coding and level design projects using the professionally-capable Unity games engine and the MonoDevelop scripting tool.