The course you have booked requires that you have a Windows PC that is set-up correctly to enable the attendee gain the most from the course. Note that all the Kodu Game Lab software licensed and can be downloaded for free.

To ensure that there are no delays at the start of the course, we recommend that your Windows home computer is set-up with Kodu Game Lab a few days prior to the course starting. In the next section, we go over how you can set-up Windows to run on your Apple Mac hardware. Note also that we are sometimes able to offer rental Windows laptops – please get in touch with us before booking (a refundable deposit and Rental Terms and Conditions may apply).


Apple Mac’s

Before you start: As this set-up requires a number of software pre-requisites, installation can take many hours depending on the specification for your specific home computer

Kodu Game Lab is built and distributed by Microsoft Corporation, and as such, is only normally available on the Windows platform. If your child will be attending with an Apple Mac, there are a couple of options for setting up your Apple Mac computer to run Windows:

In order to prevent delays to starting the course, we highly recommend that you complete set-up of your Apple computer with Windows, before purchasing this course.

Apple Mac users: if you succeed in installing Windows OS (described in the previous step), you can follow the steps below to install Kodu Game Lab.


Setting Up Kodu Game Lab (Windows PC and Apple Mac)

Before you start: Depending on your specific computers capabilities, installation usually takes 12-15 minutes (download + install)

The Kodu Game Lab software has a set of minimum requirements that your home computer must meet in order to function properly. To view the system requirements for Kodu Game Lab and also to download it for installation, please visit the following page and follow the instructions to install the software: Kodu Game Lab

If you have followed the above instructions:

  • and successfully started Kodu Game Lab, then you’re good to go!
  • and are still having issues setting up the required software, we offer limited service technical support. As this is a constrained resource, we ask that you limit contact to issues specifically related to setting up your home computer for the course that you have booked. Slots are available on a first-come-first-served basis, however we will do our utmost to find a slot for you.

We look forward to welcoming you/your child to the computer coding course.