This course requires that your home computer is set-up correctly with the Stencyl 2D Games Engine to enable the attendee gain the most from the course. Note that for the purposes of attending an educational course, the Stencyl software is licensed and can be downloaded for free.

To ensure that there are no delays at the start of the course, we recommend that your home computer is set-up with the Stencyl games development engine a few days prior to the course starting.


Download and Install Stencyl on your home computer

To download and install the Stencyl game engine, please visit this page, following the instructions provided there: Download and install Stencyl

If you have followed the above instructions:

  • and successfully installed and then opened Stencyl, you’re good to go!
  • and are still having errors displayed after you tried opening Stencyl, we offer limited service technical support. As this is a constrained resource, we ask that you limit contact to issues specifically related to setting up your home computer for Stencyl. Slots are available on a first-come-first-served basis, however we will do our utmost to find a slot for you. We also have resource on hand at the start of the course to help with installation issues (however this will impact course start time).

We look forward to welcoming you/your child to the online computer coding course.