As you know, the Spring 2020 term ended with three sessions left to be completed. To make-up for these missed sessions, we are running coding sessions online. Note that these online make-up sessions are covered by fee payments previously made for the Spring 2020 term.

There will be multiple online/make-up sessions to choose from, starting this Saturday, and continuing through next week/weekend. Access to the online courses are being staggered over the next few days, and you are being contacted as your child is registered on one of the following courses, all of which are running this weekend, and through the coming week:

  • Games Design 4 Kids
  • Python 4 Kids
  • JavaScript 4 Kids
  • HTML/CSS 4 Kids
  • Dev Squad

Note: Attendees on other courses will be emailed separately with dates/times when they will be able to make-up their missed sessions.

We appreciate that this is short notice, however recent events and our resulting efforts to transition our courses online has left us with a compressed period when we can feasibly run these sessions. We hope that running multiple sessions will provide parents with the opportunity to find suitable sessions to book their children onto.

In addition, a few parents also had outstanding “make-up” sessions prior to the 3 make-up sessions being arranged, whilst others are registered to attend double sessions each week – if you fall into this group, kindly book additional sessions to complete your full complement of sessions for the term.

If it will not be possible for your child to make-up their missed sessions with the available dates, we will issue fee credits in the form of coupon codes for use when registering for future term-time or workshop courses.

To register for your make-up sessions, please complete the form below, choosing 3 dates when your child will be attending, and making sure to select a time when your child’s course will be running.

Information on setting up your computer at home, along with joining instructions for our online classroom will be emailed to parents after the form is completed.