Thank you for registering your child for term-time computer coding sessions with Spark4Kids. Below is general information on locating us, finding parking and getting to the session.


In-Person Attendance – Location within JAGS (Dulwich)

We are based at┬áJames Allen’s Girls’ School (JAGS), which has multiple points of access. The entrance to Spark4Kids at JAGS is┬áGreen Dale, off 144 East Dulwich Grove,┬áLONDON,┬áSE22 8TE.┬áThe Green Dale entrance leads to our new location┬áwithin the JAGS campus –┬áthe 6th Form block.┬á When you arrive, please press the buzzer for JAGS reception and let them know that your child is attending Spark4Kids. If you have any issues gaining access, do give us a call on┬á07930 000 415.

During term-time sessions, a Spark4Kids banner will be situated outside the 6th Form block and should be visible from the Green Dale entrance.

Note that we are not located at JAGS Sports Centre.

Please be aware that there are currently time-based road restrictions in Dulwich, including where Townley Road leads onto East Dulwich Grove and Green Dale which if missed, could result in a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN).


Drop-off/Pick-up Times

Parents should drop off their children promptly at the start of the session and pick them up 5 minutes to the hour.

To report your child as late or absent please email us at [email protected] or text 07930 000 415 including your child’s/childrens name(s) in your message.


Food and Drink

Please note that food and drink are not allowed during sessions. Parents who have booked younger children on double sessions and who require a snack break should inform us so that the child can be supervised by Spark4Kids staff during the break.


Digital Devices and Valuables

Unless personal laptops and mobile phones are being actively used for learning during the session, we would rather children did not bring devices with them to the sessions as we provide the equipment required. We do appreciate that some older children will bring personal devices with them to work on their projects. If personal devices are brought in but are not being actively used for learning, then we recommend that they are kept safely out of sight at all times.

We cannot be held responsible for any loss of property whilst attending our courses.

Children aged 8 and older can bring their own headsets (with mic) as most workshops have some audio instruction, however, headsets will be provided if your child does not bring their own.

We look forward to seeing you at computer coding!