Our Typing 4 Kids courses are for children and teenagers seeking to either take their first steps in learning how to touch-type, or looking to improve on their existing typing skills.

Using a gamified approach to learning to type, the challenges start out simple and progressively become more advanced. Using games, levels, badges, stars and leader boards, children learn to type interactively, building up their muscle memory and increasing accuracy and word-speed. Good seating posture and hand-placement are strongly encouraged during the sessions, ensuring a comfortable experience all round. Note that these sessions are led by a LIVE! tutor who is able to provide attendees guidance in real-time, along with progress reviews during the sessions.


Term Time

Term-Time Typing 4 Kids (Ages 8-12) – An online course running Thursday evenings 6-7pm.

Typing 4 DofE (Ages 13-17) – An online course running Wednesday evenings 6-7pm for Teenagers interested in developing their Touch-typing abilities as their chosen Skill for their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Holiday Workshops

Typing 4 Kids (Ages 8-14) – An online and in-person course running weekday afternoons 2-4pm during our scheduled holiday workshops.

Private Tuition