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  • Coding Intro 4 Kids (ages 8-11)

    The Coding Intro 4 Kids course is designed for children aged 8-11 who are taking their first steps in coding.

    Scratch is a procedural programming language invented at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for teaching children the concepts of programming using visual blocks as the basic programming constructs. The coding environment within Scratch is both graphical and event-driven.

  • Python Intro 4 Kids (ages 9-11)

    Python Intro 4 Kids is a computer coding workshop for children aged 9-11 which introduces attendees to a powerful, modern programming language that has a gentle learning curve and features usually found enterprise-level languages. It is used widely in many professional applications. This workshop is recommended for children who are ready to progress on to text/keyword-based languages after having programmed “block” based languages (such as Scratch).

  • Typing 4 Kids (ages 8-14)

    Typing 4 Kids is a computer coding workshop for children either looking to take their first steps in learning how to touch-type, or looking to improve on their existing typing skills.

  • Unity 4 Kids (ages 12-16)

    Unity 4 Kids is an online computer coding workshop for children aged 12-16 where attendees will use C#/Unity games development tools to begin learning the skills required to create professional games.